Structural Assessments

Structural Assessments is a catch-all for all types of structural engineering. This section is specifically meant for non-building type structures.

Ever have something that you’ve seen and thought, “I hope someone has looked at that”. That’s what we’re here for.  Whether it be steel, aluminum, wood, concrete, acrylic, or magic. We’ve seen it all.

Fun Facts:

  • By welding Aluminum you lose roughly 50% of the strength of the material.  By welding wood you lose 100% of the strength 🙂
  • A catenary cable is a flat cable with load applied to it. Pulled perfectly straight it would have infinite force in it (which is why all cables have some deflection in them).
  • We have been asked to engineer two infinite energy machines and one invisibility cloak.  These unfortunately are some of the only jobs we had to turn down.
  • The trunk is a much better energy absorber than the front of a car. So if you have to run into something do it in reverse and save yourself the headache.