Stage Deck Engineering

Stage Decking takes many forms. You can frame them with steel, aluminum or wood. You can support decks with pipe legs, put them onto modular walls, they can sit on Box Truss and on Scaffold.  It can be topped with steel grating, plywood and plexiglass.  All told, it’s basically the legos of the concert and staging industry.

Having worked in the industry for years, we have seen all forms of Stage Decks being used. We’ve hung them from the roof, stacked them from the ground, and used them to support pools.

Fun Facts:

  • About once a year we will be asked if a stage deck can support a horse (yes) or an elephant (no). 
  • The decking also typically has the option to bolt handrails directly to the ends.
  • Most decks as-is are only heavy enough to resist winds up to 40 mph. Above that you actually need to ballast them down to keep them from blowing away.