Sound Stage Evaluations

The four most common questions when loading into a sound stage are:

  1. What can the roof support?
  2. What can the permanent grid support?
  3. What can the floor support?
  4. Can I load in my show?

Whether it be wood, steel, or concrete, we have you covered.

Fun Facts:

  • The most common permanent (aka perm aka beam aka stringer) width is 4″ due to the fact that the hooks for old style rigging were designed to hook over a 4″ wide beam.  Hooks really aren’t used very often anymore but the 4″ beams have stuck.
  • Sound stages are insulated really well and can cool down to the point where snow will stay.  It is interesting to walk in out of the LA heat onto a stage with snow.
  • The heaviest show we’ve rigged is 130,000 lbs. The heaviest thing we’ve ever put onto a stage floor was 2,000,000 lbs.