Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers are legos for adults. D0 you want to have a 200′ long wall that’s 40′ tall. Just put together a bunch of large red and green legos and you’re good.

The great part of a shipping container is it’s strength to cost. You can modify it, remove almost every part, and it’s still about the strongest thing we work with (it is designed to sit on a boat in a storm).

Fun Facts:

  • Standard shipping container widths are 20′ and 40′. Standard heights are 8′-6″ and 9′-6″.
  • The shipping container will sit proud of lying perfectly flat by about a 1/2″. This is just enough to guarantee if you don’t engineer a stack correctly it will sink into the asphalt.
  • The cornerblocks for shipping containers are called “kuckles”. It’s common practice to knuckle vertically and chain horizontally to get higher wind ratings.
  • The highest shipping container stack we ever checked was 8 containers high (just over 100′).