Pipe Grid Design

Do you have a warehouse or building you’re looking to convert into a sound stage? We’ve got you covered.

Whether it is 1.5″ Sch 40 Pipe or Sch. 80 pipe, Aluminum or Steel. We’ve engineered dozens of pipe grids for up and coming studio spaces.

We’ve also seen pipe grids installed incorrectly, and we’ve seen pipe grids fall down. While this is a pretty straightforward engineering problem, done wrong it can lead to injury.

Fun Facts:

  • Aluminum grids are 1/3 the weight of steel grids. They’re also 2x the cost and 75% as strong.
  • I once saw a pipe grid that was lashed together with rope.  That was a bit scary
  • Long cantilevers on grids are red flags.  Directly clamping a grid to an overhead system via c-clamps is also a red flag. All pipe grids should have mechanical connections (e.g. bolts) to the roof.