Box Truss Structures

Modular Aluminum box truss has been a game change in the industry for the last 30 years. New designs are constantly being introduced to make the industry better and more efficient. Knowing what’s out there and what can solve a problem is half the battle.

We have worked with almost every box type truss in existence. From the gauge steel stuff from China to spigotted steel truss capable of lifting a car with 100′ spans. Climbers to tilt ups to install in place. Ballasted to base plates to anchored. If you have truss questions, we have truss answers.

Fun Facts:

  • Box truss can float when the ends are capped.
  • Our favorite terms in the box truss world are “Cheeseburger” (aka a pipe clamp) and “Bull Prick” (aka a stake tie down)
  • Pipe chords are typically 2″ diameter tubes so that lights can clamp to them.